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Linda McGowan - Your Expert Partner: Meet Linda McGowan, a seasoned HR Manager, Compliance Specialist, and Certified Notary Signing Agent with a diverse background. With a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry, healthcare, safety, and distribution, Linda brings a wealth of experience to Bayshore Compliance.

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My Story

My expertise extends across a broad spectrum of skills, including:

  • People Management: Linda excels in the art of managing and empowering people, ensuring that your team is your greatest asset.

  • Negotiations: Her negotiation skills are second to none, ensuring that your business transactions are successful and mutually beneficial.

  • Benefits and Recruitment: Linda understands the critical importance of attracting top talent and managing employee benefits to foster a satisfied and productive workforce.

  • Sales and Event Management: She's well-versed in the intricacies of sales strategies and event management to promote your business effectively.

  • Policy Development: Linda is skilled in creating and implementing effective policies and procedures.

  • Employee Orientations: Her expertise in onboarding and employee orientations ensures that your team starts on the right foot.

Linda also possesses strong program and project management skills, ensuring that your HR and compliance projects are executed efficiently and effectively.

Our commitment to excellence extends to notarizing a wide range of documents, including real estate and commercial lease agreements, mortgage and refinance documents, wills and estate quit claim deeds, trusts, unclaimed property documents, tax returns, W-12 applications, power of attorney for insurance documents, oaths/affirmations, legal documents like custody documents, affidavits, employment contracts, executorships, nuptials, passport and immigration certified documents such as articles of incorporation, payroll documents, and various others.

We don't just aim to meet your expectations; we strive to exceed them. Contact us today to discover how Bayshore Compliance can make a difference in your business. Linda McGowan is here to provide you with expert guidance and support.


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